120ml vape juice watermelon: Try Different Flavors of ELiquid


Smokers throughout the years have been struggling to cut their cigarette use. Many generations have attempted and many generations have failed. Even though scientific researches have given more than enough proof that smoking cigarettes are causing almost 80% of lung related diseases, efforts of those who advocate the stoppage of smoking has been naught as the addictive properties of the tobacco cigarette has a strong hold on its users. And since smoking cigarettes is very addictive, a viable substitute for it, in an effort to stop using, should probably be addictive too. Or if not, it should not be boring as the nicotine patches that has been around for some time but has not cut the number of cigarette users significantly. And now, here enters e-cigarettes or vapes which present a same addicting effect and is not boring.


The way the e-cigarettes or vapes mimic how a conventional tobacco cigarette works actually help it attract those who want to quit smoking. Technically users of electronic cigarettes are not actually smoking because there is no smoke produced. Vapor is what comes out of the vape which actually look a lot like smoke. It actually turns e liquidinto vapor, and these liquid has different flavors.

The fact that the liquid has flavorlike eliquid enhances the pleasure of vaping. And now, there are numerous flavors to choose from. It used to include conventional cigarette flavors like menthol, mint and chocolate. But now, there are flavors that have not been dreamt of to be smoked. There are green tea flavored liquid. There are milk, blueberry, bubblegum and even fish. And the fact that vape users can actually mix and match different flavors can really attract users. Because the vape offers a lot more than just smoking, this can really be a great rival to conventional tobacco cigarettes.